Tim Holtz in SA again? Oh happy day!


It feels like just the other day that Tim came to South Africa. I can’t believe how quickly 3 years have flown by! I only heard of the event a few weeks ago, and the first thing I did was a happy dance when my DH encouraged me to go and even volunteered for baby duty. That is a HUGE deal, since I’m still breastfeeding, and it would basically confine him to the venue for the duration of the event so I can feed her between classes. Isn’t he just wonderful? YES HE IS!! I totally swore off any and all events until she was at least a year old and somewhat more independent, but how can I not go to a Tim Holtz workshop? (← Rhetorical question)

Tim Holtz workshop: The Artful Journal

Guess what I did this weekend? Okay, that subtle title probably didn’t leave much to the imagination, but it’s only because I still have an afterglow from the event! That, stained nails, and this crazy desire to shut myself in my studio and create-create-create!

Aaaanyway… I have to warn you in advance, I may not be able to resist the excessive use of superlatives or pointless panegyrics, but considering the super awesomeness of it, if you know you are prone to brain explosions caused by bad sentence structure or excessive rambling, SKIP THIS POST.

Everyone else, I HAVE GOT TO SHOW YOU the cool stuff we made!

The Artful Journal by Tim Holtz

The Artful Journal sample made by Tim.

Inside cover of the Artful Journal by Tim Holtz

The inside cover.

Pages of the Artful Journal by Tim Holtz

Some of the pages.

Tim has blogged about his Jo’burg adventure. Apparently he likes our food. So do we Tim, so do we 😉 BTW, I had to smile while reading about his fondness for the South African saying “see you now now” (which can mean “see you now” or “see you later”, basically “see you when I see you”). One tends to forget that one’s ‘culture’ – those everyday things that are simply part of life – are strange and wonderful and unconventional to people from other places.

Of course, it wasn’t just a one man show – Margie Romney-Aslett from The Girls’ Paperie also taught some classes: a mini-album, and a double-page scrapbook layout. She has also blogged about the Jo’burg event, with some lovely photos to go with it.

Here’s what we made in her class:

Double-spread scrapbook pages made by Margie

Margie's double-spread scrapbook layout

Mini-album by Margie

The mini-album by Margie.

I must admit, I’ve never made an album on a stick before. Must be an American thing… 😛

Here are all the photo’s I took (well, most of them). I elaborate a lot on the photos in the photo gallery, so click on the first thumbnail to view the gallery 🙂

About The Event

In case you’re still reading, this was SA‘s International Scrapbook Convention (ISC)’s annual one-day event (there’s also a two-day event in September) where hundreds of women get an opportunity to attend classes by international scrapbooking teachers. We’ve had some high profile teachers over the years, like Stacy Julian, Donna Downey, Heidi Swapp, Tim Holtz, as well as some well-known Making Memories teachers.

While I have the opportunity, may I just say thank you to Glenda and all the people who have made it such a success over the years! I have been attending ISC since 2007 and it has been consistently well organized, with excellent workshops, great teachers, and exceptional value for money.

Wow, if anyone is still with me after all that, I must commend you. No, I must reward you! Anyone up for a give-away? I’ll give away some crafting goodies to the first person who leaves me a commend about the give-away!

Photos of the memorable Tim Holtz event in 2009

Photo of me with Tim Holtz at the April 2009 scrapbook convention in Stellenbosch

As promised, here are some photos I took at that memorable event I attended two years ago but never blogged about. You have to click on the photos below to open the gallery – that’s where all the juicy details are!

Update: If you missed my post on his return in 2011, read all about it here.

Tim Holtz is coming to SA again!

Ad for Tim Holtz visit to South Africa in April 2011

The greatest thing is happening in April: Tim Holtz will be back in sunny South Africa! I attended his workshop in 2009, and it was one of the most rewarding creative experiences of my life. For real.

I quickly looked to see what I shared about it, and to my shock I discovered I shared– NOTHING! So, as part of my penance I promise to dig up those dusty digitals and post some in the next couple of days. Also, I promise that this time around I won’t wait two whole years before sharing the joy! 🙂

UPDATE: As promised, here’s the post of the 2011 event!