Pop it up ATC swap

Seashell on the beach

This is one of the ATCs I made for the Pop it up Swap on swapbot. We had to make 2 ATCs, using foam squares to layer the image. I just love how this one turned out – one of my all time favourites!

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Vintage ATCs

Cookie? ATC
Genuine Chicken ATC

I just love these two ATCs! I have never considered myself much of a “vintage artist”, but these two came out quite nice. They were made for the “Vintage ATC Swap” on swapbot.

The “Cookie?” ATC was so easy to make – I used a sheet of paper that was already covered with vintage labels, picked the spot that I wanted to show on the ATC and I was done. Except, it just feels so wrong if it’s not complicated!! So I ended up adding a word. Then layered the girl a few times. And then added some ribbon. And of course something to dress up the ribbon. Does anyone else ever do that?

The chicken was… genuinely harder. I had downloaded this beautiful vintage image from The Vintage Moth of a rooster and a hen, and wanted to use the rooster-part on my ATC. Well, the poor thing never recovered from all my aging and inking, so I ended up using the hen 🙂 Why the word “genuine?” I don’t know. Really. But it works, huh?

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“Thank You, L” ATC

Thank you, L ATC

This is an extra ATC that I sent along with the 12 Months ATC swap to thank my swap partner (who’s name starts with ‘L’) for being so patient. Ironically, this extra one came out better than most of the required ones, I think! This is definitely one of my all time favourites!

Have a great day, and thanks for looking!

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12 Months ATC swap: no. 9-12 (of 12)

Finally, the last 4 ATCs for the 12 Months ATC Swap on swapbot.

'A Father's Love' ATCA Father’s Love

'Mother' ATCMother

Gladiolus (Sword Lily)

Breast Cancer Awareness

These ATCs are for June (Father’s day), May (Mother’s day), August (Gladiolus is the official flower of this month) and October (Breast Cancer Awareness month).


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12 Months ATC swap: no. 5-8 (of 12)

Here are the next 4 ATCs for the 12 Months ATC Swap on swapbot.

'Beautiful Love' ATCBeautiful Love

'Birthday Girl' ATCBirthday Girl

'Joyful' ATCJoyful

'Seeing Double' ATCSeeing Double

These ATCs represent February (Beautiful Love = Valentine’s day), April (my swap partner’s birthday), December (Christmas), and November (Seeing Double = all our major wine shows are held at the end of the year during Oct. & Nov.)


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12 Months ATC swap: no. 1-4 (of 12)

These are for a Swapbot swap called “12 Months ATC swap“. Basically one has to make a set of 12 ATCs, where each ATC shows the theme of a month (i.e. 1 ATC for each month). The themes were not predetermined, so I have to decide on (and explain) each theme.

The first 4 ATCs (of 12):

'Autumn' ATCAutumn

'Cold' ATCCold

'Spring' ATCSpring

'Eternal Sunshine' ATCEternal Sunshine

These are basically March (autumn), July (winter), September (spring) and January (summer) — based, of course, on a South African year, but luckily the recipient is Australian, so no confusion there.

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