Been there, done that, got the badge

Aah, another writing event is over, and for those observant readers who have noticed the glaring absence of any Script Frenzy posts during the month of April… well done you!

I will not insult your intelligence with my pathetic excuses reasons for that, but I will say this about the experience: after writing a full 7 pages on a script that I planned for 2 weeks (sad but true), at least I can say, “been there, done that, got the badge“. 😉

I can also officially state – and this is something I strongly suspected even before I started – that script writing is not my thing.

At least we’ll always have NaNo…

Script Frenzy: the madness and the liberation

I have hit a pothole in my writing journey that has left me stranded on the side of the road, waiting for the AA to help me on my way again. In real life, the AA man drives a yellow car with big signs blazoning him to be the answer to many stranded drivers’ prayers. There’s even a toll free 24h number you can dial in case of emergencies. Unfortunately, in the world of writing there are no toll free numbers or clearly marked vehicles coming around the bend to pull you out of your slump. Bummer.

So what to do? Seeing that I’m still new at this writing business and blindly making my way down an uncharted road… I don’t have the faintest idea. Disclaimers aside, if one were to consider the slumps we fall into in everyday life, one solution would be a change of scenery. As the saying goes, “a change is as good as a holiday”.

That is why an article by Betsy Franco caught my eye, where she talks about her own unexpected “road assist” when she took on the challenge to write a script in an unfamiliar genre. It forced her into new creative waters, and matured her as a writer in ways she could never have foreseen.

Script Frenzy LogoSuddenly I realized that my AA truck might be coming from an unexpected direction: Script Frenzy. It is similar to NaNoWriMo in that participants have a month (i.e. April) to write a certain number of pages for a script instead of a novel.

When I participated in NaNo last year, it was an eclectic mix of good and bad experiences – yet the one thing that stood out above all else was the way it influenced my writing, in a very good way.

My NaNo ML, AlyssC01, tried to convince me last year that it is much more relaxed than NaNo, and a great reason for writers to write, which is reason enough to join (she says). At the time we had that discussion – in the middle of NaNo – I was not open to the idea of subjecting myself to another month of torture again. EVER. So I dismissed it immediately and haven’t thought of it since, until earlier this month when she mentioned Script Frenzy on her blog.

Suddenly I find myself wondering if I should try my hand at another mad rush of words during yet another hectic time of my life. And to be honest, now that the winner’s glow has faded, my sleep patterns have returned to normal and the voices in my head have subsided substantially… I am actually considering it.

Maybe I’m a masochist. Or maybe I’m just plain crazy. Either way, don’t tell my husband. He might just do something drastic, like grab my cats and move to Alaska. Or worse, take away my internet and lock my laptop in the basement for the whole month of April.