Dvorak: the beginning

I have done a crazy crazy thing: I’ve switched to a Dvorak keyboard. It is basically a much healthier alternative layout to the standard QWERTY layout.

Image of Dvorak keyboard layout

I was inspired to the point of jump-now-worry-later when Holly Lisle’s blog post triggered my interest and I started reading up on it. The two primary benefits are the elimination of repetitive strain injuries (something I already struggle with), and an increase in typing speed, which can be as much as 600%!

The downside is the initial retraining of one’s neurons and muscle memory. After practically eating, sleeping and breathing QWERTY for 15 years, this is a major adjustment. At this point any sort of typing is painfully slo-o-o-o-o-ow and frustrating — this post took me almost 2 hours to type!

I can’t wait for this initial phase to be over; as a writer I can already see the benefits of typing like the wind, injury free.