Friday’s indispensable Words of Wisdom or Nonsense (also called FiWoWoN by me. And my cat, of course.)

“I like my job, of course, or at least I like it a lot more than most of the other jobs for which I am qualified (roofer, dishwasher, law school student). But I don’t like my job nearly as much as I like wearing the same t-shirt for seven days straight…I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t really do that. I would write all the time, of course. I would move to a little house…with a broke-down porch, and I’d sit on my porch and write…and feel the tension of Southern modernity all around me, which would be reflected brilliantly in my novels, which would sell like hotcakes and get short-listed for awards. I know what you’re wondering. You’re wondering how I can even fantasize about having that kind of writing life when I clearly just sandwiched two “which” clauses into one sentence.

Touché, mon grammatical ami. Too. Shay.”

John Green


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