“Live Laugh Love” post-it holder

Live Laugh Love post-it holder“Live Laugh Love” post-it holder

After I made my first post-it fridge magnet, I had a zillion ideas for the next one and immediately started on it. Which was just as well, because it took me forever to finish this one, and it was barely done when I unexpectedly needed a gift for someone.

It holds a post-it pad (which will colour-match the rest of it in the perfect world) and pencil, and has a magnet on the back.

“Friendship” stationary gift

This is a gift I made for a friend of mine. It holds a ‘post-it’ pad and pencil, and it has a magnet on the back.

Edit: I’m sorry for the washed out colours in the photo – I photographed it in the car on my lap (!) before walking into the party venue 🙂 That means that the photo had this horrible blue tint which I tried to Photoshop out, but not even Photoshop can rescue an already BAD photo… that said, it came out OK, all considered.

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