Voetstoots (Afrikaans YA novel, WIP)

Project started: ~ February 2010
Project deadline: T.B.D.

Read the first 3 chapters on Scribd.com (in Afrikaans, obviously)


  • Temp. Working Title: “Voetstoots”
  • Age group: 15-17 years old
  • Projected Final Word Count: between 25 000 and 45 000 words.
  • Status: busy with first draft, inactive


About the story:

Jenny and her feisty best friend Liezl go on their matric holiday (i.e. end of senior year) with only one goal in mind: to hook up with boys. Liezl convinces the shy, inexperienced Jenny to consider Jaco, the very sexy guy that works at the resort. Problem is just that he doesn’t seem to be interested, while his boring-in-comparison friend might be. When Jenny discovers Jaco’s secret, things slowly start to change for the better.

But Liezl is playing a dangerous game behind Jenny’s back while Liezl’s romantic interest is hiding a dark secret that could turn their holiday into something else entirely …


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