My Writing

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My Novels

I have 2 novels that are both still WIPs.

  • Playing with fire
    My 2010 NaNoWriMo novel that used to be titled “Gerri and Adam“. It is over 50 000 words, but far from finished. I will finish it eventually, but it is not a priority right now.
  • Voetstoots
    My very first run at a full length story ever, “Voetstoots” is an Afrikaans YA novel about a young girl’s coming of age, inspired by my own experiences as a teenager. It is only 11 pages long and faaaar from complete (or perfect!), but I plan to revisit and rewrite it completely now that I’ve done HtTS. One day.

My Short Stories

  • Dare to Love

My non-fiction projects

I am currently working on a series of short “How To” books that will show indie writers how to create and maintain their WordPress and Blogger blogs on a tight budget.

Read something I wrote

Drabbles: (less than 1 000 words, typically based on a prompt or theme)

Click here to read my drabbles. Here’s a list of titles:

  • Lure (100 words)
  • Race (100 words)
  • Name (100 words)
  • The girl who was Phoenix

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