“Our little animal lover” scrapbook page

My little girl is all about the love—her love for all things four-legged and fluffy 😊.

Double-page layout called Our Little Animal Lover

I was going through my photos when I realized how many there are of her just cuddling animals. That is what Stacy Julian calls “connections” in her book “Photo Freedom“, which is a very powerful concept in memory keeping. Connections happen when you let your photos “age” and then go through them later once you have accumulated more photos in the same category.

Once I saw the connection, I knew I had to capture this precious story because it is such a huge part of who my girl is right now. And it’s the type of funny story that we will laugh over for years to come.

I based it on this PageMap sketch from the Scrapbook and Cards Today website:

PageMap sketch from the Scrapbook and Cards Today website

Scrapbooking comes much easier when I am working within an existing framework, which is the following in this order:

  1. Photos with a story
  2. Sketch
  3. Digital scrapbook kit with enough elements and embellishments.

I already had four 4″x6″ photos with a story to tell, so I looked for a sketch that would accommodate a few large photos plus lots of journalling space. I also find that I scrap much faster and successful if the kit I use have everything I need to decorate the page. Once those things were in place, it was easy enough to add a fourth photo to the 3-photo sketch, and enlarge the journalling area. That’s what makes digital scrapbooking so versatile and satisfying to me, the ability to change things on the fly. Here’s a closer look at the pages:

Left page of the double-layout spread

Left page with journalling


Right page

This page is 100% digital, made with a beautiful kit from P&Co. I made it in Affinity Designer, my go-to software for scrapbooking.

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