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Too broke to publish your book? Learn how to do it for $5 or less

I have been writing stories for a long time. Years, in fact. I’ve done it mostly to satisfy my inner voice, but recently I realized that I might actually be good at it and that maybe, just maybe I should take this writing thing seriously. Then I discovered self-publishing (a.k.a. indie-publishing), the phenomenon that makes it possible for any aspiring author to publish their books themselves without a Big Bad Publishing House playing god over their precious manuscript. Suddenly it felt like the world could be my oyster.

So I took a deep breath and cranked up my search engine. I mean, if you need to know something about anything, like how to self-publish your (still unfinished) book—especially for free—the internet will show you the way. Right?

That was more than a year ago. I definitely found out things, like the fact that you’ll waste a lot of time you could have spent writing, and that you’ll have too many false starts to show for it.

When it comes to actually self-publishing a book, well, I’ve been there. Still is, in fact. The amount of information out there—good and bad—is simply overwhelming, and I still don’t feel like I’m equipped to do it after all this time. But then, I’ve been doing it the hard way.

No more!

Cover for Holly Lisle's Publishing While Broke workshop Author Holly Lisle has been around long before self-publishing existed, and she has used her success and skills to teach others how to do what she does. Now she has done it again by creating the perfect solution for writers who want to self-publish on a non-existent budget.

The Publishing While Broke workshop is the only manual you’ll ever need. No more pages of confusing search results or trying to learn how to work that free software that promises you the world. To add to all this awesomeness, because November is NaNoWriMo, she has discounted it with 20% until the end of the month! And before you ask, yes I have already bought it, since I know her courses are of immeasurable value, and I’ve spent at least 10 times the price of the workshop on time wasted.

In case you didn’t know, I did Holly’s 6 months super-intensive How To Think Sideways Writers’ Boot Camp, and that course changed my life (and my writing) forever. Since then I’ve also bought some of her clinics, books, and every free course she has ever created, and this woman really knows what she’s about. She is inspirational in every way that matters.

If you want to publish your book on a shoestring budget, get this workshop before the end of the month.

The information alone is worth more than US$200, and that doesn’t even consider the time you’ll save. But being Holly, she’d rather make it affordable than ask what it’s really worth. So, for only US$8.80 (that is only R98! For real!) there is no way you’ll ever get this kind of information at such a low price, all in one place. Even if you decide to “do it yourself” with your trusty sidekick whose name rhymes with oogle, it will still cost you more. Trust me, I know.

Convinced by now? You can buy it here.

If you’re interested in or curious about any of her other products (whether fiction or non-fiction), you can go to her online shop here.

(Necessary disclaimer: Because I have done her workshops and believe in her products, I am a Holly Lisle affiliate. That means that if you click on any of the course links and decide to buy something, I will receive a commission.)


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