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National #WritingDate Day action

I participated in Natalie Marie Collins’ “National Writing Date Day” on Saturday (6 Sep), although participate may be a bit of a stretch; I mostly lurked because I joined the Facebook Group only on the day since we were away on holiday until the last minute, and then I joined the G+ Hangout very late due to scheduling conflicts and erroneous time conversion.

Anyway, after wasting the first hour watching the recorded Hangout video, I actually did some writing, and felt quite productive :D. I didn’t get around to editing, but putting words down is half the battle won.

National Writing Date Day Natalie Marie CollinsTime to write has become a challenge lately with a one year old and another bun in the oven (since I’m sooooo tired…….) and the idea of a Writing Date is perfect: it’s the simple concept of having a set time that you write, where you remove yourself from distractions — and preferably your house — and crank it out for an hour or two in a coffee shop (or on the beach or where ever you feel inspired). (Here’s Natalie’s explanation of what a Writing Date is.)

The secret is that you must treat it like a date. It should be part of your weekly or monthly planning, and the people around you must know the times and honour it by leaving you alone. It also helps if you have people who hold you accountable. Natalie considers doing a Writing Date once a month because of overwhelming interest, and I think that’s a great idea. She’ll use the existing Facebook Group as a base, which would hopefully become Accountability Central. Well, let’s see how it goes.

#reallyhopeful #butscepticallthesame


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