Drabble: “Lure”

Aheila’s Drabble Challenge is a weekly feature on Aheila’s blog. The aim: to write a 100-word story (a drabble) ± 5 words, based on her prompt. This week the word is “Lure”. Here’s my take:



The Venus flytrap opens her lips to release a sickly sweet perfume like a mating call. Not all will love it. But those who do will be lured into her clutches the way a witch charms her victims with unbreakable spells.

Shh, her quarry has arrived.

It stands at the entrance, hesitant and suspicious, yet tempted beyond reason. First one foot. Slowly another. Oh how intoxicating that smell! Delirium takes it forward in a rush of wild excitement.

The trap springs shut!

Inside her belly, surrounded by that sweet opium, it will die a slow death.

Hungry no more, she is content for now.


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