Drabble: “Name”

Aheila’s Drabble Challenge is a weekly feature on Aheila’s blog. The aim: to write a 100-word story (± 5 words) reflecting your personal take on her prompt for that week. After reading Ryan’s masterful efforts, I was inspired! So here’s my take on the prompt “Name”.



He stood alone, a solitary figure on the bustling platform, untouched by the restless throng around him. She watched him discreetly, like she did every morning. He intrigued her beyond reason.

Suddenly the crowd surged towards the opening doors, pushing her off balance. Strong hands grabbed her shoulders and she found herself staring into a pair of dark, intense eyes. His eyes.

He gently pulled her upright, watching her closely. He didn’t let go.

“T-thanks,” she stammered. He blinked, then briskly turned and walked away.

She stared at the spot where he disappeared into the crowd. She still did not know his name.


2 thoughts on “Drabble: “Name”

  1. Ryan says:

    Very intriguing, Elmi! The scene conjures up all sorts of possibilities for the two characters who are destined…(?) to meet. Wonderful drabble!

    • Elmi says:

      Thanks! I have to say, that “image” made me want to write an entire story about those two people and all the reasons why that scene took place 🙂 Maybe I’ll turn it into a story yet.

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