I’ve got a date with Tim Holtz

South Africa Scrapbook Conv. Apr '09
I just wanted to share this exciting bit of news: I am attending a half day workshop by Tim Holtz (yes, the one and only) this Saturday!!! He is coming to teach at the SA Scrapbook Convention. Two weeks ago I was reading about Jennifer McGuire ‘s weekend at Ranger U where Tim was teaching, and that just threw more fuel on an already raging fire! Oh, I just can’t wait, I SO can’t wait! I’m planning on getting so inspired and creative and full of ink that my life (and my nails 😉 ) will never be the same again!!

If you don’t know who Tim is, it’s worth finding out. I’ve seen some of his videos, and read articles and interviews and his philosophy on life, his motto to “live the life you’ve imagined”, to be and create – it’s real, and that is what inspires me. Not only is he extremely creative and artistic, he is also the mastermind behind some of the most amazing products I use every day!! (Distress inks, anyone?) But enough about this, I need to go pack since we’re leaving real early tomorrow. I’m attending the Cape Town one, and that means flying down to the coast. Although I live only an hour from Johannesburg, Stellenbosch is our favourate holiday destination in South Africa which means that my husband can now also benefit from a scrapbook class, since we’re making it a long weekend! So I’m signing off until next week. I figure the sooner I get into bed, the sooner tomorrow will come 😀


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One thought on “I’ve got a date with Tim Holtz

  1. Elise says:

    Hi Elmi! Thanks for YOU kind words on my blog today! You’re a sweetheart! Have a WONDERFUL time with “Mr. Holtz!” He’s DA-man! You will be unbelievably altered by the crafty experience! He’s just a delight! (DON’T forget your camera! Tee Hee) Heaps of best wished to you!

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