A list of my favourate blogs

I thought I’d do some enabling today and list all my favourite blog hangouts:

(Update Nov 2020: Some of these crafters aren’t active anymore (marked NA) but their blogs are still up, so I’m leaving those links as is. All of the active crafters have evolved or changed over the last 10 years, so their websites don’t look the same today as they did when I first made this list) 

Crafters (cards/stamping/paper crafts)

  • Pickled Paper Designs – Amy Sheffer
    Amy Sheffer is my personal Card Maker Idol. She has a mature, balanced style that uses lots of layers and detail without it ever feeling overwhelmed or cluttered. I also love the papers and “extras” she uses.
  • Amazing Paper Grace – Becca Feeken
    Becca makes these “larger than life” luxurious cards with silk ribbon and lots of layers and textures.
  • Poetic Artistry – Julee Tilman (Verve Stamps)
    Julee is the reason I’m into cards. I stumbled across her blog a few years back, and her clean, layered style immediately appealed to me. She’s also the (ex) owner of Verve Stamps.
  • Freedom In Creating – Michelle Zindorf
    She is the well known “brayer queen” who’s cards are awe inspiring artworks, using only inks, a brayer, lots of post-it notes, and stamps.
  • CZ Design – Cathy Zielske
    She is all about Clean and Simple. She used to be a scrapbooker, but now that her kids have flew the coop, she started making cards with great enthusiasm.
  • Capture The Moment – Nichole Heady (Papertrey Ink) (NA, redirects to Papertray website)
    Nichole is an Inspirational Genius. She has this innocent, simple style that catches me off guard all the time. My head usually can’t think how something so simple can look so beautiful. She’s also the (ex) owner of Papertrey Ink, a stamp company that carries the most beautiful, functional line of stamps and relevant products.
  • My Time, My Creations, My Stampendence – Lauren Meader (NA)
    This woman is an inspiration on all levels of life. She has so much joy and energy, and her creativity knows no bounds.
  • Mish Mash – Michelle Wooderson (NA)
    Her blog is a recent find for me, and it’s quickly making its way to my top 3 favs. Michelle is an expert with mass producing cards, and also makes great looking notebooks and bookmarks. I love all her stuff.


  • Ali Edwards
    She’s a graphic designer/scrapbooker/mom/expert life liver. She views and captures life in a way that is inspiring and fulfilling.
  • Stacy Julian
    Stacy is known for her “guilt free” approach to scrapbooking. Her enthusiasm for life is also addictive. She’s the founder of Big Picture Scrapbooking, and has a great podcast.
  • Becky Higgins
    She is a veteran in the scrapbooking industry and still empowering memory keepers to this day with Project Life, and her podcast.

Paper Craft Resources

2 thoughts on “A list of my favourate blogs

  1. Mari says:

    Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog! I dropped in to check out what you’ve been doing… and while I’m not much good at ATCs, there are some really great looking ones here! I really liked the dimensional seashell one. And I *loved* the page on your granny. I recently lost my grandma, I hope I’ll be able to do something as meaningful.

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