Annual Holiday Ornament swap

Christmas ornaments: sparkling see-through stars!

If you haven’t participated in the annual Holiday Ornament Swap yet… you don’t know what you’re missing!! Here’s a taste of what you’ve missed. This was such a fun project! I have never been covered in this much glitter in my entire life 😀

I have wanted a good excuse to start a Christmas ornament collection for some time, so I didn’t think twice before joining the swap. But when I started thinking of what I was going to make, it slowly dawned on me that mailing 10 medium weight packages overseas is going to cost me a small fortune. So I decided that a few design limitations will be in order, especially since I’ve learned a long time ago that it’s when we have to stretch beyond what’s easy/comfortable that we do our most creative work.

So I set my restrictions: the cheapest type of mail is a standard letter. That means it has to be flat (there goes my “angels made out of large beads” idea), it can’t be metal (there goes my metal tree idea) and it has to be very light (there goes most of my other ideas). And because I don’t do fabric, it didn’t leave a lot of “light, flat, non-metal” options. Which eventually didn’t matter, since these ornaments turned out perfect!

I used a glue ink pad to stamp winter swirls on the large star, and the word “joy” on the small star, traced the edge with white glue, then covered everything with glitter (and I mean everything, including myself and half the room LOL). Then I added some beads as a final touch 🙂 Now I just have to come up with a new “flat, light, non-metal” ornament before the next round…


PS: Thanks for all the amazing ornaments I received, they are a joy to behold!!

• other: star templates, thick acetate, glitter, beads, strong string, silver/gold cord for hanging
• ink: Essential Glue Pad (Tsukineko)
• stamps: “Winter Swirls” and “Christmas phrases” (Hot Off The Press)

2 thoughts on “Annual Holiday Ornament swap

  1. Rochelle says:

    What did you stamp on? Is it a clear acetate, like overhead transparencies? Beautiful idea. Looks like something I will be copying next Christmas. Adding the extra dangling star is perfect. Very creative.

    • Elmi says:

      Yes, it’s clear acetate that you buy in sheets in stores; around here they are available at craft stores and paper stores that sell loose sheets. I got acetate that is a bit thicker than normal transperancy for sturdiness, then I simply traced stars on them & cut them out.

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