Notice about coming change

I have so many things to show and have been taking photos faithfully of all those beautiful ATCs, including 2 new swaps, but I’m asking everyone to bear with me — I will be uploading all my images to Photobucket from now on and I’m still finding my feet. Plus during the following few weeks I will move everything there. This process might delay posting a bit, but please don’t fear — the end is near! (Well, not really, but it does rhyme nicely ;-p)

If you’re from Swap-bot and wondering about my participation in swaps, I’m up to date and going strong. (I did fall slightly behind with my Granny’s death, but everything is caught up now).

So thank you for your patience!!


Posted in: FYI

3 thoughts on “Notice about coming change

  1. Lynn says:

    Wonderful artwork, and cards! I have been doing swaps on swap bot since October, mostly ATCs.

    I’m sorry about your Granny, sounds like a special lady who will be missed.

  2. Paula McGurdy says:

    Hi Elmi
    Thanks for the lovely Christmas ornament which arrived the other day. It is now hanging proudly on my Christmas tree 🙂
    Paula x

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