I made this layout to tell my mom how much she means to me. I gave it to her as a birthday present in 2006.
{This is a digital layout}

Translation: My mom is the softest and strongest person I know. She is my example of how to give and love unconditionally, of patience and self control, of being a woman and especially of being a mom. From her I learned how to give my everything, I learned of true happiness and sorrow, and how deep a woman’s heart can be. She taught me to look for the good in everything, and that a soft spirit is the best weapon to fight with. Her deeds spoke stronger than a thousand sermons ever could. She is our super glue, our pillow, our pillar of strength, our encouragement. She is my pride and joy. Mom, I love you.

SUPPLIES • Papers: “Love Birds” by Lisa Howell • Flower sketch overlays, black stamp designs & stitching: Angie Briggs • Tags, ribbons & charms: “Je t’ Adore” kit by Zazou • (all from http://www.scrapartist.com/) • Fonts: Script12 BT, Arial, TW Cen, Modern No.20


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